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Children Can See an Omaha Chiropractor Early in Lifepediatric chiropractor

A child's body goes through rapid growth and changes even before they are born. In addition to that, the birth process can be emotionally and physically traumatizing as well, leaving newborns with hidden injuries that they aren't able to communicate to parents or other caregivers. A properly trained Omaha chiropractor can address any issues with the central nervous system and help the child have a more comfortable start in life. At Diamond Chiropractic we treat both children and adults with chiropractic care that can help optimize the central nervous system, which is located in the brain and spinal cord. A breakdown in a small part of the nervous system can be connected to various childhood ailments including

  • Constipation
  • Colic
  • Ear infections,
  • Headaches,
  • Reflux  
  • Lack of sleep quality

Infancy and early childhood is an important time for chiropractic maintenance, since babies often develop misalignments either in the womb or during the birth process that, if left uncorrected can interfere with growth and development, as well as make the child uncomfortable. By starting chiropractic treatments early in childhood, many problems can be corrected before they are noticeable, and the spine and nervous system are kept intact.

Chiropractic Care for Older Kids in Omaha

Older children are a bit better at communicating aches and pains. Many are under a lot of success to succeed in school or sports. Others seem prone to injury that causes them pain. While taking an older child to their regular doctor is a natural reaction for parents, many choose to have an Omaha chiropractor take a look too. One of the reasons for this is that chiropractors work with joints, muscles, and nerves in order to help encourage the body to heal itself -- without the use of drugs, and many parents feel that learning to facilitate the body's own healing mechanism from a young age is an important lesson to learn. Since chiropractic care uses a whole body approach to facilitate healing, it also helps with stress relief and can help to manage the symptoms of many developmental disorders, including ADHD.

At Diamond Chiropractic our chiropractor, Dr. Robert Nilles was drawn to practicing chiropractic medicine largely because of his experience being treated for injuries he sustained as a teenager. While his own medical doctor was unable to provide him and his parents a clear path to healing, his father's chiropractor did. While a chiropractor might not be able to fix every issue, it is a worthwhile option to explore. Whether your child has a specific injury, or you just want to make sure that everything is moving and developing as it should, we are ready to assess your child's needs. Contact us at (402) 505-4414 to schedule an assessment. 

If you are looking for additional research about chiropractic care for children click on --> ACA Pediatric Council.

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